Ovolo’s paving the way for entrepreneurs with MOJO NOMAD

First of its kind Work, Rest and Play Initiative – As an entrepreneur you’ve got enough things to worry about. Where you live, how you live and where you work shouldn’t be part of them. With Mojo Nomad, you’ll get access to some of the best perks and amenities around, helping you focus on what’s important: Getting Your Business Off the Ground.


The Nomads can live and work at selected Ovolo properties, currently across Hong Kong & Sydney, Australia, utilising designated areas at the hotels as their co-working space. You’ll get to meet like-minded entrepreneurs, foster your creativity and collaborate with some of the best minds in your industry for new, game-changing ideas.

Mojo Nomad helps entrepreneurs get things going from the moment they land.


We get it, your business is your life. The programme’s not just about a great place to stay and work, it’s also about having a bit of fun! As a Nomad, you’ll have access to a range of events to get you off the laptop and down to the party.


Gain access to exclusive parties, events & deals!




Entrepreneur & Co-Founder of Green City Solutions

Dénes is a German entrepreneur and co-founder of Green City Solutions, a Berlin and Hong Kong Based biotech and IoT company. Green City Solutions makes urban air free of air pollution and so offers a healthier and happier life. For everybody. On top of that, he enjoys the great and friendly service, every day. He is improving his skills on the pool table as well.

Green City Solutions


Founder of Creditable

Sechaba is from Johannesburg, South Africa, and works in both Johannesburg and London. His company name is Creditable. In the past only big financial institutions had the means to offer financial services! Software as a service in the new era of inclusive financial services empowers everyone to get involved. The friendly team makes him feel like he’s part of the family even though he’s in a foreign land – a true Nomad.



Founder of Peer

Pokin is a transplanted Canadian who until recently, called San Francisco home. She’s now in Hong Kong building Peer (, a camera that allows anyone to make their own 3D virtual reality videos.  As an avid traveller, Pokin appreciates all the little details about living in an Ovolo Hotel, including the friendly staff, the always accessible drinks, free laundry and “living room” lounge.



Co-founder and CEO of RevAmp Technologies

Michael is from Israel. He is a co-founder and the CEO of RevAmp Technologies, which aims to revolutionise the way we produce electricity. RevAmp Technologies develops a generator which leverages the heat, stored within the air, in order to produce electricity on demand. This generator has the potential to supply the energy needs of billions in a cheap, reliable, and sustainable way, and thus promises to be the first viable short-term solution to the immense threat posed by global warming. Michael is loving his stay at Ovolo Southside. He says his favorite thing about the Ovolo Hotels is the friendly team, and feels that the warm atmosphere at the Ovolo is particularly conducive to getting people together. 

RevAmp Technologies


Founder of

Christelle has lived, worked and studied in the Caribbean, France, USA, UK and Hong Kong – a true Nomad. Her company,, is more than a Hong Kong doctors and dentists list. It allows patients to have quick access to a wide range of registered healthcare professionals, including but not limited to doctors & dentists. Instantly find, select and book a good doctor among a selection of over 3000 rated and reviewed doctors, online and mobile, 24/7. TopDoc’s blog offers free medical advice brought to you by top Hong Kong doctors. Christelle lives in Hong Kong, and alternates her time between staying at home and staying at Southside to get a bit of a “break” from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Co-founder of Kademi

Brad is from New Zealand and works all over the world. He is proud to be a co-founder of Kademi, a digital platform for delivering great customer experience. Kademi provides an integrated set of online tools that web professionals use to build campaigns, websites, automated emails and all of the other ways customers interact with brands online. As the technical founder of Kademi, he spends his days working closely with the web developers using his product and always building his product, to give them ever greater capabilities. Brad has been at Ovolo for a short time and thinks the experience is out of this world! He especially loves the co-working spaces which allow him to mingle with others in the hotel.



Founder of KuaiWear

Carlos is from the UK. His company, KuaiWear, helps individuals train during their workouts so that they can get as much out of it as possible. The world’s first headphones with live voice coaching from Olympic athletes, adapting professional training plans to each individual, using its integrated heart rate sensor and accelerometer. It eliminates the need to carry multiple devices during a workout by combining multiple devices into a comfortable and waterproof headphone. His product is available for pre-order on his website. Carlos’s stay is going well. In his free time, Carlos takes part in triathlons. He loves being in the quieter Wong Chuk Hang district because of the access to the training grounds nearby.



Founder of MedRithm

Jeroen is from Amsterdam. He is the founder of MedRithm, which aims to improve global healthcare by offering advanced artificial intelligent algorithms for automated diagnostics and treatment planning. The technology analyses medical data and images to provide fully quantified diagnoses and personalised treatment plans. Jeroen is collaborating with some of the best machine learning experts and medical specialist to change the way we prognose, diagnose, and provide treatments for the world’s major diseases. Jeroen loves being at Southside! The proximity of the great outdoors to the hotel reminds him of the outdoor activities back home.


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